20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Twenty years ago there was no such thing as a camouflage truck wrap. If you wanted to camouflage your truck, you had to get some spray paint and stencils and hope for the best. Then in 1995, Camoclad was born out of a garage with nothing more than a simple idea, a lot of elbow grease and some good old fashioned ingenuity. Today, that simple idea of using camouflage vinyl to camo wrap trucks and camouflage guns, camo ATVs, boats and endless others (even including prosthetic limbs!) has birthed an entirely new industry, full of copy cats and also-rans, all peddling their own version of the product we invented all those years ago!

To celebrate this milestone in our company’s history, for the entire month of September, we’ve decided to roll back our already industry low prices to the original levels from 1995! That means you can get our flagship product, the time-tested 4 x 5 ft sheet (in today’s improved Premium material) for just $75, a savings of over 15%! That price trickles down throughout our entire catalog, too, bringing you savings across the board! From Camouflage Accent Kits and Camouflage Truck Kits, on down to our newer products like the Camouflage Dash Kits and the all new Deluxe Shotgun Camouflage kit, EVERYTHING is on sale this month!!

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to serve our customers for parts of three decades and we’re happy to offer you all the chance to celebrate with us. All you have to do to claim your savings is use the promo code “Celebrate20” when you’re ready to checkout (the box is at the very bottom of the page, right under the shipping estimate box) and your kit prices will be rolled back to their 1995 levels.

And to all of you out there that have bought camouflage vinyl or any of our camouflage kits from us over all these years, thanks for your business and your continued support! We hope you’ll continue to trust Camoclad for another 20 years because . . .

When it comes to camouflaging your Hunting Equipment & Hard Goods…