The Camouflage Revolution Begins Here

CamoClad Headquarters in Mounds, IL
In June of 1994 while working in his body shop Joe was approached by his brother Steve to paint his truck in a camouflage pattern. Having previously executed many such paint-jobs in the past he assures his brother that this would not be a problem… but there was a catch.

Instead of the traditional olive drab, tan and black military style Camo, Steve wanted something a little different….A natural looking Camo with realistic leaves, branches, treebark and backgrounds to mimic the surroundings typically encountered while hunting wild game in the forests and fields. Needless to say this would be no small task and for the next several months Joe set out to figure how best to accomplish this task and honor his promise to Camo that truck. He worked with automotive paints, created templates from leaves, branches and twigs yet nothing was giving him the usability he was looking for.

Then, in October of that year while repairing the wood grain panel on a station wagon, he observed that the wood grain effect was not wood at all… It was adhesive backed vinyl with a realistic wood grain pattern printed on the top side. It was at that moment, the idea of Camoclad® was born.

He soon realized that he had a invented a product that the public didn’t know they needed, identified a new market for a useful product that was never before available and created an industry within the hunting industry that previously did not exist.

In 1996, armed with little more than indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and the idea, Joe along with a little help from family and friends launched the company that would revolutionize and change the camouflage industry forever. Leading his young company through the trenches, he successfully licensed with the with the largest camouflage companies in the world and built his company and brand through “hands on” work in all facets of the operation (design, manufacture, packaging, sales, distribution etc.).

Over the next several years Camoclad® would exhibit at industry trade shows (SHOT) and consumer events like “The Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoor Festival”, “The Chicago Land Hunting and Fishing Expo” and various other venues, creating public awareness and building a distribution network of dealers in the sporting goods retail market. Camo-Clad quickly outgrew the garage where it all started and moved its operations to a larger facility in Maywood, IL (a suburb of Chicago). 2002 proved to be a pivotal point in the company’s history, with sales volumes steadily expanding it was once again necessary to relocate to larger facilities. Warner once again set the wheels of change in motion when he acquired a 5 acre site in Pulaski County located just off of Interstate 57 in southernmost Illinois. This site would serve as the foundation for construction of the compamys manufacturing /distribution center and new world headquarters.

In June 2005 with construction still underway, Joe loaded up his trucks and moved to Pulaski County Illinois. Under his leadership, the company that Joe built continues grow, year after year. New opportunities surface, new challenges are conquered and new ideas are cultivated. We hope that our presence here in Pulaski County has provided some measure of prosperity and pride in our community and most importantly for our employees who have come together as a team and who, without their dedication to duty; none of this would have been possible.

As founder and president of Camo-Clad Inc., Joe continues to lead the company into new areas of growth and innovation. His latest adventure is the design and manufacture of his patented (U.S. patent # 6,017,079) precision engineered pre-cut vehicle graphics kit dubbed WrapKit Pro™. These vehicle specific kits are sure to set the standard for the next generation of vehicle graphics for many years to come. Once and always the entrepreneur Joe’s business interests have diversified into what seems to be an extension of his natural talents and interests and he is actively developing other opportunities in the world of consumer vehicle wraps, design and styling.

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