Do you want to camouflage your truck? You’re in the right place!

Camoclad Camouflage Systems, Inc, has been in the business of camouflage truck wraps from the very beginning. In fact, we literally created this industry back in the mid 90s! Over the years, competitors have come and gone, but we’re still here and we’re still offering you the best products available to the market today.

What’s the difference between our camouflage truck wraps and those of our competitors? It all boils down to the materials we use to create our products. At Camoclad, our premium material was specifically created to be a replacement for the out-dated materials many of our competitors still use today. It’s more durable, easier to install, and is specially designed to conform better around curves and corners, over rivets or body lines than any other material available. On top of that, while our competition has increased their prices by nearly 30 percent while continuing to use the cheaper, out-dated material, our prices have stayed low despite making the switch to superior camouflage vinyl products.

The point is clear. If you’re looking for a camo wrap for your truck, Camoclad is the place to get it.

Full Cover Truck Kit

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      Deluxe Truck Kit - Premium


      280 Sq. Ft. | The Deluxe Truck Kit easily covers most full size pick-up trucks with extended cabs or bed caps.

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      Standard Truck Kit - Premium


      TOP SELLER!! 240 Sq. Ft. | The Standard Truck Kit covers most full size pick-ups with long or short bed, as well as several mid-size SUVs or smaller trucks with bed caps.

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      Compact Truck & SUV Kit - Premium


      180 Sq. Ft. | Covers most compact trucks and SUVs such as Chevy S-10 and Ford Ranger, Toyota 4-Runner or comparable sized vehicles.

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