“In the beginning, there was Camoclad Camouflage Vehicle Graphics.”

Camoclad Headquarters in Mounds, IL
In June of 1994, long before anybody had ever thought about camouflage vinyl vehicle graphics, Camoclad founder Joe Warner was approached by his brother Steve to paint his truck in a camouflage pattern while working in his body shop. Having previously executed many such paint-jobs in the past he assures his brother that this would not be a problem… but there was a catch: instead of the traditional olive drab, tan and black military style Camo, Steve wanted something a little different…a natural looking camouflage pattern with real tree bark, leaves, branches, and backgrounds to mimic the surroundings typically encountered while hunting wild game in the forests and fields.

Needless to say this would be no small task and for the next several months Joe set out to figure how best to accomplish this task and honor his promise to camo that truck. He worked with automotive paints, created templates from leaves, branches and twigs yet nothing was giving him the usability he was looking for.

Then, in October of that year while repairing the wood grain panel on a station wagon, he observed that the wood grain effect was not wood at all, but rather adhesive backed vinyl with a realistic wood grain pattern printed on the top side. It was at that moment, the idea of camouflage vinyl vehicle graphics was born.

Joe soon realized that he had invented a product that the public didn’t know they needed, identified a new market for a useful product that was never before available and created an industry within the hunting industry that previously did not exist.

In 1996, armed with little more than indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and the idea to make camouflage vinyl vehicle graphics a reality, Joe, along with a little help from family and friends launched the company that would revolutionize and change the camouflage industry forever, and thus the camouflage vinyl vehicle graphics industry was born!

Over the years other companies have come and gone, but Camoclad remains and adapts as new and improved technology allows for better products. While much of the competition is still stuck in the dark ages of vehicle graphics, Camoclad is using the most technologically advanced materials available in the vinyl industry today.

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