Below you’ll find a complete list of all of the products we offer in our Economy material! Economy material is cheaper than our Premium, but that doesn’t mean it won’t last. The difference in price comes from the way the materials are manufactured and from the adhesive used. The Economy material is what’s known as a “calendered vinyl,” meaning it starts out sort of like a large ball of dough that is flattened and stretched into the vinyl sheet shape. What this means for you is that the material isn’t as conformable and stretchy as our Premium (cast) material and will have a tendency to shrink back over time when stretched. The other difference is in the adhesive. While the Premium material has multiple features to make working with it much easier, the Economy is just a plain adhesive that is intended as more of a one-shot and stuck type deal.

While we never recommend using Economy to wrap your vehicle, it’s great for simple flat surfaces without a lot of curves or contours. Boats, some ATVs, tree stands, some coolers or other simple appliances, even indoor/outdoor walls are all examples of things that could be a good fit for Economy camouflage vinyl!

Economy Camouflage Vinyl Products