New Products

Recently we’ve unveiled a number of new products and I wanted to take a chance to introduce them to you real quick, as well as let you know about our new solid color options for any of our kits! Also, be sure you keep an eye out for more sales and special offers! One of the best ways to do that is to follow us on Facebook, so go ahead and give us a “like” today!

New Colors
Since we’ve added more and more decals to our online store, we saw it fit to provide some options outside the realm of camouflage. While camo is great for just about anything, sometimes you may simply want a solid color instead of a camouflage pattern and we understand that! To start, you can now order any of our products in Black, Orange, Red, or White (white). Do so by selecting “Solid Colors” in the pattern brand drop down box on the page of the product you wish to purchase, followed by your chosen color in the next drop down box that appears. This will generate a preview showing the color you have chosen (remember, not all colors will appear exactly as they do on your screen due to calibration and other variables!) so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice!

We have dozens of decals to choose from, so click here to check them out!

New Decals
Speaking of decals, we’ve recently reintroduced our popular Wildlife Truck Tattoos! After we relaunched our website a few years ago, these products were left off but we’ve decided to bring them back due to popular demand. We tweaked a few of the designs to make them look even better than before, and even introduced several all new decal designs and some package options! These decals are available in all of the officially licensed patterns and all new color options we offer!

Special Edition Window Graphics
In addition to our camouflage window film, we’re now offering a couple special edition rear-window graphic designs! To kick things off, we’ve added window film options featuring the American flag and the Rebel flag, designed to fit the rear window of virtually any truck, car, or SUV! These special edition designs are the same price ($95) as our standard camouflage window film options and produced on the same material so you’ll get all the features you would normally get with the camo window film. We’ll likely introduce more special edition window film designs in the future, so keep an eye on our Window Film page for product updates! Also, for just $10 more, we can custom size the graphic to fit your specific vehicle! Just call us (800.585.8550) with the measurements and we’ll make it happen for ya.

Windshield Decals
So you might be thinking “That covers the rear window, but what about the windshield?” We’ve got you covered there, too! Introducing our all new Windshield Decals! To start things off, we have four new options available in all camouflage patterns and colors. These decals are essentially universal, but if you need a special size give us a call and let us know…I’m sure we can figure out a way to get you exactly what you need!

Decal options:
• “COUNTRY GIRL” Truck, SUV, car decal
• “COUNTRY STRONG” Truck, SUV, car decal
• “GO TOPLESS” Jeep/soft-top/convertible decal
• “IF YOU CAN READ THIS…ROLL ME OVER!” off road vehicle decal

We’ll likely add more soon as well! The regular price for these decals will be $20, but for a little while we’ve marked them down to just $14.99! Also, if you have something specific you’d like as a windshield decal, give us a call (800.585.8550) and we can put that together for you as well!

Alright I guess that pretty well sums it up for now! Thanks for shopping with Camoclad!