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As we work on developing this page, you’ll be able to come here and read about the various styles of camouflage patterns we have and what type of environments where they’ll be most effective, as well as see side-by-side comparisons and even some “effectiveness photos” showing some of the patterns in action. Whether you need a woodland pattern or grassy/wetlands pattern to make you a more effective hunter, or maybe you’re interested in something more geared towards military/tactical applications, we have a camouflage pattern suitable for virtually every environment and we’ll do our best to help you choose the best camouflage pattern for your situation!

Deep woods, forestry, treestand, bottomland:

Woodland regions provide cover and habitat for countless game animals such as deer, squirrel, various birds, and whether you’re perched high up a tree or traipsing through the bottoms, you’ll want to conceal yourself and your gear. Fortunately we have LOTS of options for camouflaging your guns and other hard goods, ATVs, hunting trucks and more to keep you AND your gear hidden from your prey.

Check out Lost Camo (original Lost Camo and Lost Camo AT), Elusion Camo (Forest Ghost, Ridge Raider, and Valley Vaporizer), Mothwing Camo (all available patterns are primarily woodland based), Next Camo (G1-Vista and G2, great subs for patterns like Realtree AP or Xtra), Proveil Camo (Fall, Reaper Woods and Reaper Buck), and True Timber (Conceal/Conceal Green, Mixed Pine, and XD3).

Featured Woodland Patterns

Wetlands, grasslands, marsh, open field:

Whether you’re out birdwatching or bird-blasting, camouflage will help you get a better shot. We have several options here for grass-based patterns that are suitable for dozens of different environments. You can stick this stuff on your carry-gear such as guns, bird calls, cameras, decoy boxes, or binoculars, and you can even wrap your mode of transportation, whether it’s your truck, boat, ATV, or unstoppable amphibious monstrosity!

Elusion Camo (Airborne Stalk, Marsh Monster), Heartland Camo (Fieldgrass), Muddy Water (Classic), Proveil Camo (Waterfowl, DFW-FX, Digital Ghillie), and True Timber (Flooded Timber).

Featured Grass & Waterfowl Patterns

Military, tactical, law enforcement, pro/amateur paintball/airsoft:

If you’re looking for something with less “sticks and leaves” and more of a military/tactical feel, we’ve got you covered there as well. Today, tactical camouflage is as popular and advanced as it’s ever been, and we have the patterns to help you creep up on your enemy, whether it’s a true military op or you just wanna paint your pals’ pink and maybe leave a few welts in the process!

A-Tacs (AU and FG), Kloak (Konbat series: Canyon, Desert Mountain, and Forest), and for a more traditional or old-school style: Battle Ready Camo (DT1/DT1R, GT1, GT2-Green/Urban/Blue/Pink, Digi-Green, Digi-Urban, Digi-Marines)

Featured Military/Tactical Patterns

Specialty graphics and other miscellaneous graphics and patterns:

Sometimes you just you just need to make a statement, and digitally printed vinyl is a great way to do that! You can use our products on just about any smooth surface, but if you’re unsure whether the vinyl will stick to something, give us a call and our install department can help you figure it out!

S.I.C Graphics (Leopard Print, RealBud, and Kryptoflage), Proveil Camo (Diva-Pink, Reaper Black, Reaper H2O, ReaperZ, and Victory Flag Graphic), and Morningwood Camo (Urban, Green, Blue, and Yellow).

Featured Specialty/Novelty Patterns

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Need something special? CALL US!

If you’ve gone through the list above and haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, go ahead and give us a call. Our sales team is happy to assist you in choosing a pattern that will suit your needs and can even help you narrow down the specific product or products you’ll need to complete your project. We also have virtually unlimited capabilities beyond camouflage in our Custom Shop, so if you just need some general design and print work done, give us a shout or send us a message through the form on our Custom Shop page!