Proveil began with the vision of founder Travis Fortner. That vision was that camouflage was more than just sticks and leaves. Proveil strives to make the most realistic, effective camo. In order to bring the most technically advance camo to the market, Proveil has developed Ecologix, a library of digitized 3d plants, from Ash to Zinia. Proveil also developed Dynamic Depth of Field giving unprecedented control over the focal planes in a pattern. All patterns are rendered in IREZ Infinite Resolution, giving Proveil’s patterns a higher resolution and larger swatch size than traditional photography. Finally, Proveil developed HDZ High Definition Z-Depth, to create an infinite depth which goes beyond the traditional foreground, mid-ground and background method of creating patterns. When all of these technologies work together, the resulting patterns provide not only best blend and breakup in the industry, but they also create a thing of beauty. Proveil’s patterns won’t just work when your in the sticks, tracking that monster buck, they also make a statement that hunting is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. [read more]

*Printed colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor quality and color calibrations.