Here’s a complete list of all of the products we offer in our Premium camouflage vinyl material! Premium material is more expensive than the alternative, but is far superior for virtually all wrap applications. The difference in price comes from the way the materials are manufactured and the adhesive used. The Premium material is what’s known as a “cast vinyl,” meaning it starts out as a liquid that is poured onto a special web known as a “casting sheet” and passes through a series of ovens. As the liquid is heated, solvents are evaporated and leave behind a solid “film” that is cast vinyl. What this means for you is that the material is extremely conformable and stretchy and can be heated to stretch into grooves and around complex curves with relative ease. The other difference between our Premium and Economy materials is in the adhesive. Our Premium material’s adhesive is essentially pressure activated to prevent premature adhesion (allowing the camouflage vinyl to be repositioned or lifted to help eliminate wrinkles or bubbles), as well as air release channels that allow air pockets to be more easily pushed out.

Premium material is great for virtually any wrap application, but if you have questions feel free to give us a call!

Premium Camouflage Vinyl Products