Best prices, GUARANTEED

We’ve been in the camouflage vinyl graphics game a long time now. Much longer than any of the competition out there. Now they’ve come along trying to jack up all the prices, but we’re committed to keeping our prices as low as possible and beating them every chance we get! That’s why we’ve decided to implement our new “Price match guarantee.”

If you’re scouting around some other camouflage graphics manufacturer’s website or catalog and you find a better price than what we have for the same basic product, give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t just match that price for you. Take a note of the website and the product so we can have a look to verify it, then mention it to our sales team when you call us and we’ll do our best to save you some money!

Need an example?  Well everybody’s got a 4′ x 5′ sheet made on premium vinyl (most of the serious players these days are using 3M IJ-180C). Ours sell for $90/sheet. Other manufacturers sell them for as much as $120/sheet, but let’s say for the sake of this little exercise that they were selling them for $85/sheet.  All you have to do is take a note of where you saw the price and then give us a call and let us know.  We’ll attempt to verify the information and as soon as we do, you’ll get your sheets for $85 each instead of $90!  These sheet prices affect the cost of virtually all the other kits that are offered, so you get the idea!

As you can hopefully see, we’re committed to saving you money on your camouflage vinyl needs!


Certain conditions and restrictions apply.  “Price match guarantee” is applicable to advertised retail price and may or may not, at the discretion of Camoclad sales reps, be applied to sale items or specialty or promotional pricing.  Prices will be matched for products of comparable quality and size/quantity (square footage), as determined by Camoclad staff, where the information can be easily verified by our sales reps.  Only publicly visible pricing, such as an online store or officially printed catalog, will be considered.  Private mailing lists or other special offers, including third party promotions not publicly or officially offered, endorsed, or sanctioned by the competing manufacturer, printed flyers, special dealer/wholesale pricing or offers, or special promotions exclusively offered at or in relation to or in association with special events or trade shows will not typically be considered.  Final judgement for application of a price match will be the responsibility of our sales staff and can be awarded or denied at their sole discretion, and will apply solely to the currently active transaction.  Any future transaction(s) for the same or similar product(s) will require independent evaluation and investigation, at the discretion of Camoclad staff, of price match claims.  The price match guarantee is not retroactive and cannot be applied to orders that have already been completed and will not exempt the buyer from penalties or restrictions related to canceling orders or returning an ordered product.  It is the responsibility of the customer(s) attempting to claim the benefits of the price match guarantee to provide information for the verification of potential price match claims; Camoclad sales reps retain the right to request proof (or sufficient information to be used as evidence) of the claims made by the customer(s) with regards to a competitor’s prices.   The price match guarantee offers no cash award or value and no payouts of any kind will be rewarded in relation to this guarantee.  It is the responsibility of the customer(s) to follow all applicable and relevant local laws and regulations.  Camoclad Camouflage Systems, Inc., cannot be held liable for losses, real or perceived, in relation to this offer.