Get closer to the action than ever before with Full Cover Camouflage Truck Kits from Camoclad!

We offer Full Cover Camouflage Truck Kits to cover all make and model trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and more! Camoclad camouflage vehicle wraps are the ultimate solution for converting your truck into a true hunting machine that is as at home on the road as it is off road.

This easy to apply application can withstand years of hard use on the road and in the field under all sorts of conditions. Our full cover camouflage truck kits will hold up through the brush and it’s maintenance free finish can be cleaned just by running through the car wash.

Full Cover Truck Kit

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      Deluxe Truck Kit - Premium


      280 Sq. Ft. | The Deluxe Truck Kit easily covers most full size pick-up trucks with extended cabs or bed caps.

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      Standard Truck Kit - Premium


      TOP SELLER!! 240 Sq. Ft. | The Standard Truck Kit covers most full size pick-ups with long or short bed, as well as several mid-size SUVs or smaller trucks with bed caps.

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      Compact Truck & SUV Kit - Premium


      180 Sq. Ft. | Covers most compact trucks and SUVs such as Chevy S-10 and Ford Ranger, Toyota 4-Runner or comparable sized vehicles.