Camouflage Rifle and Accessory Kit

Camouflage Rifle and Accessory Kit

TOP SELLER!! A 4ft x 15" Strip of Camoclad Premium Vinyl gives you plenty of material to camouflage virtually any firearm and more!


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Our Camouflage Rifle and Accessory Kit* (#RAK) comes with a single strip of reduced-scale camouflage 15 inches tall and 47.25 inches wide. This kit, available in the A-Tacs and Kloak Konbat tactical patterns as well as any of our other patterns, gives you plenty of premium camouflage vinyl to cover virtually any rifle, atypical shotguns not covered by our pre-cut shotgun kits, or any other firearm with material left over to cover extended magazines, scopes, bi-pod rests, tac lights, or other attachments. Installation will vary depending on the firearm being wrapped, as will the degree of difficulty. For firearms with lots of small parts or with lots of nooks and crannies, the install will be more difficult but by no means impossible. Just be sure to take your time and don’t be afraid to use heat and patch in those deep grooves with separate pieces and you should be fine.

Caution: High-heat warning!! Our materials are rated to withstand temperatures upwards of 265°F. This is well above the typical barrel temperatures reached from traditional domestic use so your camouflage wrap should remain intact under normal use. However, fully automatic and burst fire rifles under heavy or sustained use can reach barrel temperatures well above 500°F and even 1000°F in certain cases. Our materials have not been tested at such severe extremes, but would be expected (according to estimates by 3M) to soften to a point of failure, melt completely, or possibly combust. For such heat-intense applications where concealment is still a concern, it may be best to paint your barrel with a high-heat threshold paint or protective coating such as DuraHeat or other high-heat paint products and use Camoclad camouflage vinyl for everything else.

*Note: this kit is not pre-cut to fit any particular firearm, but can be used to cover virtually any rifle or non-traditional shotgun by cutting pieces and applying them to your firearm and accessories individually.

Gun Kit Install

*Note: This video features our Pre-Cut Shotgun Kit, however many of the principles and techniques covered in this video still apply to the Rifle & Accessory Kit!

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