Jeep C-J/Mini SUV Kit – Premium

Jeep C-J/Mini SUV Kit - Premium

120 Sq. Ft. is all the Camoclad you need to get your Jeep or small SUV in and out of the woods undetected.


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Product Description

The Jeep C-J/Mini SUV Kit (#CJK) comes with 6 full sheets of Camoclad Premium material and is enough camouflage to cover your Jeep C-J 5 or 7, Wrangler, Renegade, or Sahara, as well as many other smaller soft-top SUVs with similar body style and surface area.

NOTE: This kit is not intended to cover the hard top on Jeeps!
To cover a hard top, you’ll need about three extra sheets. Additionally, if you have four doors, you’ll likely need to add one full sheet to ensure proper coverage. You shouldn’t need extra material if you have full doors instead of half doors.

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