Full Sheet (4′ x 5′) – Economy

Full Sheet (4' x 5') - Economy

Camoclad by the sheet! 4ft x 5ft sheets are what all of our kits are based around.

$68.00 — $75.50

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***Click Here to learn the difference between our premium and economy materials.***

Can’t find the kit you need? You’ve come to the right place! Our camouflage full sheets (#PS-4860) will get you the extra coverage you need to finish your project or start a new one all together. The basic rule for determining how many sheets you need is add 20% to the total square footage of the area to be covered, then divide that by 20 and you’ll be left with a pretty good estimate on how many sheets of Camoclad you will need to get the job done!

For example, say you need to cover the sides of a 12x6x6 trailer. Each side will be about 72 sq. feet for a total of 144 for both sides. Add 20% to that and you’re up to 172.8, then divide it by 20 and that gives us 8.64, which we’ll just round up to an even 9 sheets of Camoclad.

Disclaimer: Economy material is sold without warranty. Applying our economy material to your vehicle is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED as it will be extremely difficult to work with! For all vehicular installations, we strongly recommend our premium material.