Full Sheet (4′ x 5′) – Premium

Full Sheet (4' x 5') - Premium

TOP SELLER!! Camoclad by the sheet! 4ft x 5ft sheets are what make up virtually all of our kits.

$90.00 — $97.50

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Product Description

Can’t find the kit you need? You’ve come to the right place! Our camouflage full sheets (#S-4860) will get you the extra coverage you need to finish your project or start a new one altogether. The basic rule for determining how many sheets you need is add 20% to the total square footage of the area to be covered, then divide that by 20 and you’ll be left with a pretty good estimate on how many sheets of Camoclad you will need to get the job done!

For example, say you need to cover the sides of a 12x6x6 trailer. Each side will be about 72 sq. feet for a total of 144 for both sides. Add 20% to that and you’re up to 172.8, then divide it by 20 and that gives us 8.64, which we’ll just round up to an even 9 sheets of Camoclad.