Interior/Dash Kit 31.5″ x 18″ – Premium

Interior/Dash Kit 31.5" x 18" - Premium

Reduced pattern premium camouflage vinyl to add a nice camo touch to your vehicle's interior! The IDK-2 is 31.5" wide and 18" tall, enough to cover center stereo consoles with enough left over for lots more camo style!


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Product Description

*It is not recommended to apply this product (or any other vinyl accessories or graphics) to any part of the steering wheel that you use to steer the vehicle as, in certain circumstances, the vinyl may be or may become slippery or difficult to grip.

Camouflage accents inside the vehicle are all the rage right now! Our reduced scale camouflage Interior/Dash Kits (#IDK-2) will help you camouflage your console, stereo, steering wheel,* or virtually any other hard, smooth surface! Our premium material conforms perfectly around curves and molding, and with a little heat, it’s easy to get it to stick wrinkle free into grooves and around corners.

The 31.5 x 18 inch kit is enough to wrap the center console/stereo area of your vehicle and with plenty left over to add more camouflage accent work around the dash, such as around A/C vents, steering wheel/column, gear shifter, and so on.

Pro tip: While this product was created with vehicle interiors in mind, it can be used virtually anywhere you need to add a little bit of camouflage! Walls, counter tops, and door frames in your house or garage, or firearms, binoculars, scopes and ATVs. The reduced scale pattern also makes this kit great for wrapping your R/C cars and trucks!

***IMPORTANT!! DO NOT use Armor All or any alcohol based cleaner to clean your dash in preparation for installing Camoclad camouflage vinyl as it will almost definitely cause issues with peeling! Instead, we recommend using DuPont Prep-Sol or Dupli-color Prep Wipes wax and grease remover to clean any surfaces that will receive the Camoclad vinyl. If you have used Armor All or similar products or any alcohol based cleaner recently, it is necessary to clean thoroughly and multiple times with a recommended cleaner to remove any left over residue before installing your purchased product. Failure to do so may result in premature peeling or other issues!

Basic Installation Instructions:


-Application squeegee (included)
-Cleaning Supplies (Duplicolor Prep Wipes, lint-free cloth to dry)
-Low tack masking tape
-Razor blade (Hobby Knife, OLFA, X-Acto, etc)
-Heat Gun or hair dryer

Clean: We recommend Duplicolor Prep Wipes (pre-moistened wax & grease remover, available at most automotive parts stores) to thoroughly clean the areas to be covered in vinyl. Be sure the surface is free from dust and build-up before applying your dash kit! Once the surface is completely dry, you’re ready to apply your camouflage. (Note: We DO NOT recommend using Armor All or other alcohol based cleaners before applying Camoclad camouflage vinyl!)

Cut to fit (Optional): Depending on your plan for the install, it may be best to measure out a few pieces and cut your kit down to fit certain areas. This is entirely dependent upon where you’re using the kit, so use your best judgement to decide if it’s necessary!

Position & Apply: To install the camo, position your vinyl where it needs to be and tape it into place. Peel back a couple inches of vinyl from the top and cut off the excess backing paper. Using your thumbs and/or application squeegee, begin to apply the vinyl to the surface working from the middle up and out. If a wrinkle occurs, carefully lift the affected area and reapply. Once the exposed adhesive is applied to the surface, lift the piece from the bottom and peel back another 2 to 4 inches of the backing paper and cut it away. Working from the top-middle, begin adhering the vinyl to the surface moving downward and towards the edges. Repeat until the backing paper is gone and your piece is applied!

Heat: Once your piece is applied, take your heat gun or hair dryer and lightly heat areas of the vinyl where you may need to stretch it to get a good fit into a groove or around a curve. Use your application squeegee to gently stretch the vinyl to fit and firmly apply it to the surface. Once you’re done, it’s generally good to work over the whole area again with the squeegee and your heat source to ensure everything is snug and tightly adhered to the surface.

Trim: Using your razor blade, carefully trim away any excess material and peel it away. This may include LCD screen, buttons and dials, air vents, or whatever else. Just be careful to cut lightly and slowly to avoid damaging your vehicle or your wrap!

All done! Easy, right? Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready to wrap just about anything!

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