Outboard Motor Kit – Premium

Outboard Motor Kit - Premium

The Outboard Motor Kit is approx. 10 square feet of camo; enough to cover most outboard motors up to 30 horsepower!


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Product Description

The Outboard Motor Kit (#OBK) is the perfect size for covering most motors up to 30 horsepower!  With this kit, you get about 10 square feet of camouflage vinyl (47.25″ tall by 30.5″ long) which is plenty to get a good bit of camo on your motor!  Our premium material will make your installation process a breeze and you’ll be ready to hit the water in no time!

This kit gives you plenty of room to get creative with your motor, too! Once it’s wrapped, think about going back to it with a sharp knife or razor blade to trim out some of the decals or text that comes pre-installed on the motor, or give it a custom look by trimming out a design of your own! For some helpful tips on just how to do this, check out the Custom Outdoor Elements article in Camoclad101!