Dual Rally Sport Stripe Kit 2 x 11″ x 60″ – Premium

Dual Rally Sport Stripe Kit 2 x 11" x 60" - Premium

Classic Dual Rally Sport Stripe kit consisting of two 11" x 60" stripes!


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Product Description

The Dual Rally Sport Stripe Kit, made from our industry leading Premium material, comes with two 11″ x 60″ strips held together with premask (also known as transfer tape or application tape) to ensure and nice parallel install down the hood of your vehicle. The edges of the stripes are decorated with a thin, black pinstripe with another half inch stripe along the outside of the decal to give it a really cool, classy feel. As with the 22″ single stripes, the corners of each of these strips are rounded to give you the option of starting the decal anywhere on the hood or wrapping all the way around from front to back.