Vehicle Accent Kit – 15″ x 20′ – Premium

Vehicle Accent Kit - 15" x 20' - Premium

Our 20 ft. kit is enough to put a 15 inch strip down each side of most vehicles from wheel well to wheel well. This product consist of 4 strips, 15" tall by 5' long


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The perfect way to add just a touch of camo to your Truck, Car, SUV, or anything else! The all new 15″ x 20′ Vehicle Accent Kit (#VAK-1520) is just enough to let everybody know you’d rather be out hunting! This kit is offered exclusively in our Premium camo wrap material and will add a 15 inch accent stripe between the wheels on each side of most vehicles. Grab your buddy, grab your cooler and get to work with this easy do-it-yourself project!

Pro Tip: As with any of our accent kits, it’s best to take lots of measurements before you place your order! Take your time and do your best to calculate what you’ll need to get the job to done to make sure you choose the kit that’s right for you!

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